What to look for in a foundation repair service

No homeowner wants a house falling apart at the seams. While saving on costs for home repairs might push some to make these their do-it-yourself projects, there are situations that only professionals can handle. These concerns involve foundation repair services in our homes.

Although most foundation repairs are not considered pressing problems, fixing these issues should still be prioritized. Making sure that these concerns are looked into by your trusted professionals is the best way to guarantee that no additional damage crops up and threaten to ruin your beautiful home. Before rushing to hire a foundation repair service professional though, it is important to keep in mind a few reminders.

Verify their credentials

Never work with contractors with no official credentials to back their claims. Do not become a victim of companies masquerading as “professionals” in the field but have no documents to prove their skills. Make sure that you hire foundation repair service companies that had their methods registered and evaluated by the International Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES).

Another thing to consider is whether or not the contractors are registered in your state. This precautionary measure will serve you well as the terms for these companies differ from one state to another. For instance, the foundation repair Tulsa services provide different terms from the ones in North Carolina. Check the licensing board of the state you’re living in to ensure that you are aware of the details.

Review their terms

Pay very close attention to the details of your contract with your hired foundation repair service professionals. These terms, especially those pertaining to the warranties and guarantees, would be crucial to your contract and future concerns. Preferably, choose a company that would provide you with a warranty trust. This would serve as your assurance that even if their business fails in the future, you will still be entitled to the follow-up services offered.


Before committing to a licensed contractor, try to understand the problems they found in your foundation. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Let them explain the methods they plan to use on fixing the issues in detail. Never rely on the advertising campaigns and low prices offered by some foundation repair companies. Although you may have managed to save money by availing the services of a cheap contractor, there remains a huge chance that you set yourself up for even more expenses in the future.

Seek a second opinion

Instead of readily agreeing to the suggestions of the first licensed contractor you consult with, take the time to seek the opinion of at least two more professionals in the field. Make sure that the individuals offering their foundation repair services to you actually thoroughly checked your home. Generally, an average home inspection for contractors takes at least two hours.

Check their failure rate

The primary purpose of availing foundation repair services from professionals is to ensure that the problems in your home go away for good. Look into the success rate of the contractors you are considering to hiring before signing any agreement. If they are known to be a company that constantly has to change or replace the materials they used in their projects, then this is a bad sign. Search for another that has a better record.