Children Books and Their Movie Counterparts

Reading a book from which a movie is created is almost forever a richer experience than just watching the movie. The experience of relishing the words on the page and letting yourself be taken on a voyage motivated by the author is inspiring. As the author captures a picture with words, your mind fills in the blanks until the characters’ voices and the setting images reverberate in your head.

After reading and completely appreciating a well-written book, seeing the movie can be a thought-provoking experience. The voices and images from your mind are compared with the ones fabricated by the actors and movie production team. It’s not that the event of seeing a movie adaptation is certainly bad. It more like it’s just really different. It gives a fantastic opportunity to show your little ones the difference between words on book pages and screen images. This delivers a wonderful family experience in the manner.

Almost without neglect your children will agree with you that while they liked the film, the event formed by their own imagination is superior. Showing your child that their mind is more potent than a Hollywood blockbuster movie is quite freeing. Believe it or not, dealing with this happening of reading a book and then seeing the film essentially strengthens your child’s love of reading and lets them develop their imagination. There is nothing better for children than having an imagination filled with wonder and delight.
Since the beginning of movie development, there have been opportunities to read amazing novels and then going to the movie theatre to see the film. Some of these include Harry Potter, Twilight, The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Polar Express, Charlotte’s Web, The
Secret Garden, Fantastic Mr. Fox,  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Hobbit.