The 411 on Romantic Comedies

A romantic comedy is the movie type that brings a combination of romance and humor story, but it looks like in recent years, movie makers try to focus on humor instead of romance to bring the movie into the top of the movie chart. The clearest trait of romantic comedy is the writer seeking to draw people’s attention around these matters:

True love romance

There’s someone in the world just for you, so you need to find who this person is to have true love
True love conquers all obstacles

A good romantic comedy has to put more humor into the film a lot of the time. For example, in the usual scene where the woman and man come within reach of each other, this scene is done with a song dealing with romance to attract audience goers.

In this sense, there are instances in which romantic comedy does have a plot regarding how folks from various generations relate to one other. This can be seen in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle.” Therefore, romantic comedy writers shouldn’t focus on what is popular today, but should consider the way they will recover the audience member’s memories.

If you want to know where the plot story of romantic comedy movies should come from, first consider that movie producers should pick from any well-told and crafted story. The ideal story to turn into a film must possess a solid structure in telling folks what’s happening. This is conveyed in a story’s foundation which lays out its basic issue and fulfillment. As said before, that even though romantic comedy movies today have a tendency to focus on humor instead of drama, the drama is still important. Therefore, move maker may want to think about balancing the drama and the humor so movie goers can get the best of both.