What Makes a Good Horror Movie

Some folks enjoy seeing horror movies and many enjoy horror movies in different style. For those that don’t like horror, it might be because after watch a horror movie they might have trouble sleeping. I am one of those who always have trouble sleeping after seeing a horror film, but I just love watching them.  So, I am writing this article about what it takes to be a good horror movie. Let me just say, I’m not an expert horror movie critic, but I have seen over 9,000 horror movies, so here is the criteria based on my own humble opinion.

I have seen many horror movies try to create the plot to be mysterious and complex via the usage of numerous characters and tricks. I’d like to say to you that the selling point and main purpose of horror movie is to bring folks fun by making them frightened, not to get them confused or to have a deep serious storyline. So, the ideal horror movie should stay with this rule and center on special effects and story plot. Sometimes, when it comes to special effects, less is more when dealing with horror movies. There shouldn’t be tons of special effect to make movie goers feel terrified, but instead use sound and visualization to make the horror movie more exciting and scary.

Some horror movies have nada but bloody scenes filled with body parts everywhere, as well as lots of decomposed and decapitated bodies. Don’t get it twisted. If you think that these things will make you feel scared, you are totally wrong. These bloody scenes don’t create fear; they create disgust. If you are seeking a good horror to make you feel scared, make sure that you don’t pick a film that contains lots of repulsive, nauseating, revolting scenes.