Who Doesn’t Love a Good Comedy?

Comedy is a type of movie that draws the audience to laugh. It customarily has a very slim degree of drama and story. The comedy story usually tells about an unreal situation and put in lots of joke scenes and characters into the film. Comedies find the insufficiencies and annoyances of living, offering fun from everyday living.

Also, all comedies have mostly happy ending stories, although the fun may have a positive or negative aspect. The AFI has recognized America’s 100 Top Comedy Movies, which was determined by numerous comedy movie pros from all around the US. The panel had over 1,000 movie professionals, including directors, actors, writers, editors, as well as movie critics. Today, many movie websites are attempting to gather listings of the funniest scenes or funniest movies in comedy. In addition, the AFI has named the Top 100 Funniest Movies of the Century.

Comedies have done well over the years due to the fact that when movie goers go to the theatre, they want to escape from reality. Furthermore, people love to laugh, especially when they go to the movies. When you watch a comedy, you will notice that the characters will do things that normal people would never, ever think to try.

Screwball comedies were first made in the 1930s, and contributed to the movie phone and told about the Depression. This style of comedy offered writers and directors a chance to help people escape the Depression with some amusement. Today, there isn’t much difference in this objective.

Today’s comedies could find you watching a spoof, charade, lampoon, or mockumentaries. Characters are typically strange and possess traits that ridicule, impersonate, scoff at, and/or imitate anything, from government, a business, another movie, famous actors, or a real-life incident.  With current comedies, there is absolutely no topic that is off limits.